MAX4 Three Phase RCBO

Clipsal MAX4 - 3P+N RCBO

Launch of 3P+N RCBO

Clause of AS/NZS 3000:2018 (commonly known as Wiring Rules) brings in a major change for residential applications.

It states that additional protection by RCDs with a maximum rated residual current of 30mA shall be provided for all final sub-circuits.

This clause applies irrespective of the circuit amperage or number of phases. This includes circuits for air conditioner, cooktops, hot water systems, pool pumps, etc. that were historically not protected by RCD.

We have added 3P+N RCBO to our Clipsal MAX4 range so that you can offer RCBO solution for 3 phase applications and comply with the latest wiring rules.

Product Features

  • Full installation flexibility with the option of line connection either from top or bottom
  • Cover all your needs with complete range from 10A to 40A
  • Type A earth leakage protection to provide additional safety to end user
  • Green strip on the toggle that guarantees opening of all the poles in safe conditions
  • Easy fault identification with visible red tripping flag to identify earth leakage tripping
  • Clear marking of neutral on left side

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