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Launch of Energy Management by WISER

Energy Management by Wiser

Electrical Equipment and Testing

Introduce your customers to Energy Management by Wiser™, a smart solution that helps optimize the efficiency of energy use and lowers energy bills.

Energy Management by Wiser brings Electricians:

  • An installer-friendly smart solution, quick and easy to set up
  • Differentiation on the market through an upgraded offer
  • New business opportunities It helps homeowners to track their energy consumption, monitor solar production, check the electrical installation condition, control heavy loads remotely... and more!

Product Features – WISER IP Module

  • Connects electrical panel to Wiser app
  • Installed on the electrical panel on a DIN rail
  • Communication via BLE and ZigBee
  • Ethernet port for connection to home network

Product Features – PowerTags

  • Wireless, mounted directly on any final distribution board
  • Measures electrical parameters for circuit diagnosis and load monitoring
  • Provides energy measurement directly at the load level
  • Installed in new or existing switchboards in residential applications
  • For 1P and 3P networks up to 63 A
  • Suitable for net metering for solar applications
  • MCB and RCBO versions to suit wide range of breakers

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