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Clipsal Iconic Styl – New Releases

Clipsal Iconic Styl

Irresistibly simple to install

Iconic Styl is the newest set of skins from Clipsal to complement the Iconic range of electrical accessories. There are three changeable skin options, with more to come.

Iconic’s new skin design simply clips onto standard Iconic grids, which means you only need to carry one base range of mechs and grids, and mix-and-match skin options to suit your customers’ preferences. It’s simple efficiency that’s sure to turn heads in any new build or renovation.

Product Features

  • Iconic Styl Skins
  • Quick and easy to fit off
  • Three new aluminium finish changeable skin colours: o Silver (SV) o Crowne (CE) o Silver Shadow (SH)
  • Designed to clip directly onto standard Iconic grids

Customer Benefits

  • Irresistibly simple to install
  • Upgrade the existing Iconic platform to give your home or room a fresh new look and feel with clever home-enhancing features you will love
  • Aluminium finish to complement existing appliances and décor

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