Electricians Newsletter

Edition 1

Gary ‘Buzz’ Busbridge

Watt's Up, Buzz?

#1: Electrical Equipment and Testing

How do the wiring rules affect your business? Gary ‘Buzz’ Busbridge shares how you can keep up to date with 2018 version of the Wiring Rules.

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A trip of a lifetime: Singapore 2020

A trip of a lifetime: Singapore 2020

Celebrating 100 years Clipsal and 25 years Club Clipsal!

Where: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
When: 13-18 September 2020

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Acti9 MC Distribution Boards

Acti9 MC Distribution Boards

Your Compact and Lightweight Distribution Board

A compact, 3-phase distribution board that ensures a reliable and more efficient installation.

A modern design and White (RAL9003) in colour provides an alternative to industrial looking grey and orange DBs.

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Acti9 - Energy Management by Wiser

Energy Management by WISER

Launch of Energy Management by WISER

Introduce your customers to Energy Management by Wiser™, a smart solution that helps optimize the efficiency of energy use and lowers energy bills.

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MAX4 Three Phase RCBO

MAX4 Three Phase RCBO

Launch of 3P+N RCBO

Clause of AS/NZS 3000:2018 (commonly known as Wiring Rules) brings in a major change for residential applications.

We have added 3P+N RCBO to our Clipsal MAX4 range so that you can offer RCBO solution for 3 phase applications and comply with the latest wiring rules.

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Easy UPS

Introducing the Easy UPS

Simple. Efficient. Affordable.

Delivering essential power protection in even the most unstable power conditions, the Easy UPS provides consistent and reliable connectivity at the most critical moments.

Offering industry leading technology at a great price, the Easy UPS is a smart business choice.

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Clipsal Zen Fan


A sweep fan like no other!

Following on from the award-winning plate range, Clipsal introduces the Zen Fan.

With clean lines, subtle style and matte finishes, the Zen Fan is a sweep fan like no other.

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Clipsal Exhaust Fan with LED Grille

NEW RELEASE: Exhaust Fan with LED Grille

The perfect solution for small spaces!

Introducing the latest addition to our CEF exhaust fan range, the Clipsal CEF30L-WE. Have a small space but can’t fit both a light and fan?

Try our new exhaust fan with light combo for a compact and stylish solution.

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Clipsal Iconic STYL

Clipsal Iconic STYL – New Releases

Irresistibly simple to install

Iconic Styl is the newest set of skins from Clipsal to complement the Iconic range of electrical accessories. There are three changeable skin options, with more to come.

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