How should smoke alarms be maintained?

Smoke alarm FAQ Clipsal 3

01 January 0001

Once a Month

Test smoke alarm and backup batteries:

  • Press and hold the Test/Hush button for at least 3 seconds until the unit alarms.

  • Continue to hold for another 10 seconds to confirm all interconnected alarms activate.

  • To check the backup battery, repeat the test while mains power is turned off.

  • The alarm should sound indicating the battery is working. If it does not, replace the battery.

Every three months

Clean smoke alarms:

  • Vacuum smoke alarms to keep them free of dust particles, insects or cobwebs. This helps reduce false alarms and ensure any smoke can easily reach its internal sensing chamber.
  • Spray insect repellent on a cloth and wipe the ceiling around the smoke alarm to act as a bug deterrent.
  • Test the smoke alarm after cleaning.

Every year

Replace 9V backup batteries:

  • Press the button on the side of the unit (755PSMA4) or pull the alarm unit down (755PFM4) to reveal the 9V battery.

  • For efficiency and to avoid replacing batteries, upgrade to a rechargeable lithium backup alarm such as the 755RLPSMA4.

Every 10 years

Replace the smoke alarms:

  • Regardless of manufacturer, all smoke alarms have a limited life of 10 years from date of manufacture.
  • Contact a licensed electrician to replace your unit.