What is required to create Multi-Pump booster control system ?


05 July 2023

The aim of the booster control function is to maintain the desired pressure or flow at the outlet of the pumps according to the demand by:

• Managing the velocity of the variable speed pump connected to the drive.
• Staging / destaging the variable speed pumps or auxiliary fixed speed pumps.

The following is required to create Multi-Pump booster control system.

- Altivar Process ATV600 -ATV630/650/660/680
- EtherNet/IP card (VW3A3721)
- Pressure or flow sensor (PID)
- EtherNet cables

To control the drives on Master/Slave booster control, ATV600 drives must be linked together through a Dual Port Ethernet fieldbus module (VW3A3721) plugged on each Altivar Process ATV600.
MultiDrive Link feature of ATV600, equipped with VW3A3721 Ethernet modules allows controlling the drives of the application using an Ethernet link between the drives.

Attached application note for booster control.