Does ATV600 have Energy Saving ?


03 July 2023

All ATV600 series drives have energy meters.
The data can be called up, for example, via the Instrument panel -> Energy menu.

Please see the energy parameters in the programming manual : https://www.se.com/au/en/download/document/EAV64318/
To see the drive monitor energy use and cost based on Utility rates - See the Energy Saving ESA menu under Monitoring > Energy Parameters > Energy Saving.
Energy Saving window is a simple calculator - it calculates Energy Saved (ESAV) by the solution using the drive vs. Reference Power which is the solution without any drive (Direct On Line motor).
ESAV is calculated internally.

Cost unit ($, Euro and others) can be selected at:   5.Complete settings --> 5.3.Define system units --> Currency unit list.

Customized Units

Energy Saving