Does ATV312 Fault Inhibition Mode (INH) have forced run reference frequency (INHR) ?


04 July 2023

The fault inhibitions function for  ATV312 permits only to deactivate the fault monitoring.
This is because ATV312 is not particularly designed for HVAC, and does not have forced speed parameter that we have in ATV process drive like ATV630..
That means ATV312 do not have INHS (forced run) & INHR (forced run reference frequency) that is available in ATV630.

However, we can have LIx (LI - Logic Input , x - any input) ) to be assigned for both INH and pre-set speed.

In case of any emergency if you want to activate fire mode, enable LIx that is assigned for INH (fault inhibit assignment) and it is set to pre-set speed (example 50Hz).
In conditions where LIx is high, the motor will run in 50Hz inhibiting unwanted monitoring functions and will disable fault monitoring in a fire situation.