How to Set a Route to The TCSESFEC23xxx


12 April 2023

A Quick explanation to set a route: When the TCSEFEC is switched to router mode

The Switch can be administered only by the address set on “port 1” in the administration web page “Routes” under Network. If the router mode is activated, the routes MUST be configured.


Let's consider the below network topology as an example and follow up below example to set up the router rule. 
TCSEFEC router
In this case, If the PC wants to reach the PLC, a route from port 1 to port 2 must be added to the router. Similarly,  if the PLC wants to send a response to the PC, a route from port 2 to port 1 must be added. To add these routes, on the administration web page, open the following window:
TCSEFEC Setup page
Two routes must be created (already created here in this example)

The first one is for the exchange between the PC and the PLC:
TCSEFEC ip address

To create it, click on “New”
TCSEFEC port 1
  • Destination Network First IP address of the destination subnetwork
  • Destination Mask Netmask of the destination subnetwork
  • Next Hop The next hop‘s gateway IP address
Click on “Set” to transfer the entry into the table
The second one is for the exchange between the PLC and the PC: Follow the same process as before. 
TCSEFEC port 2

Save the configuration to the Switch.
save page