“Integrity check failed! The Floating License Manager has not been started” when installing Control Expert without network connection


22 May 2023

Please check have you manually installed below certificates. These 3 certificates would be necessary for manual installation of FLM V2.9.0.0. Thanks.
Thumbprints of required root certificates (only needed, if manual installation would be necessary):
⦁ 503006091d97d4f5ae39f7cbe7927d7d652d3431 (Entrust)
⦁ 3679ca35668772304d30a5fb873b0fa77bb70d54 (VeriSign)
⦁ d69b561148f01c77c54578c10926df5b856976ad (GlobalSign)

The issue was certificates, after digging through multiple license manager dlls, There were multiple files that weren’t having their certificates authenticated and hence causing the issue.
As the computer system is isolated from the internet, it was not receiving the automatic update and download on demand of all root certs. I ended up forcing this to the offline system.
And the section “Updating Trusted Root Certificates via GPO in an Isolated Environment”.
After this added several hundred root certs to my machines store, I was able to successfully run FLM version 2.9."
Updating List of Trusted Root Certificates in Windows | Windows OS Hub
All Windows versions have a built-in feature for automatically updating root certificates from the Microsoft websites. MSFT, as part of the Microsoft Trusted Root Certificate Program, maintains and...
We can try "Updating Trusted Root Certificates via GPO in an Isolated Environment".