How to Calculate Trio Radio Power Consumptions


12 April 2023

Power requirements for the QR radios will vary dramatically depending on how it is being used. You will need to know several parameters such as the duty cycle and duration of Tx messages with the set Tx power to work out what percentage of Tx versus Rx will be in the system (per remote) then calculate total power consumption per day.
At a remote site, the radio will draw 5W while it is receiving data or waiting to receive data.  The main power consumption occurs when the radio is transmitting. The total power required while transmitting will depend on how much power the radio is set to transmit. You would then need to estimate how long each radio will spend transmitting.

You are going to see the power consumption for Trio QR450 under different circumstances as an example to help you to determine your radio power consumption
Power Consumption

Example 1: 
The repeater station transmitting at full power could be:
50% transmitting @40dBm over the air would need 52 W = 26
50% receiving would need 5W = 2.5W
So on average, it would need 28.5W
Example 2: 
The remote radio at full power only transmits 1% of the time
99% of 5 W = 4.95 W.
1% of 52 W = 0.52 W
In this case, on average it would need 5.47 W