How to Update Firmware on an SCADAPack X70 Using RemoteConnect


23 January 2023

To ensure the correct operation of all software, it is recommended that the firmware in the SCADAPack X70  matches the version of RemoteConnect. Download the latest RemoteConnect for the SCADAPack x70

The version of RemoteConnect will determine what version of firmware you have installed on your computer. Check the version of your RemoteConnect by clicking on ? drop-down menu in the RemoteConnect. 

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Ensure you have a DNP3 connection to the SCADAPack. This can be a Serial, Ethernet, or USB connection. 

Under My Network, right-click on SCADAPack x70 Controller Settings -DeviceDTM and select Additional Functions > Update Device Firmware or Bootloader. 
RemoteConnect Firmware update

From Firmware/Bootloader update wizard, select Firmware option and click next. 

remoteconnect firmware selection

On the next page, the wizard should have selected the latest available firmware. Alternatively, you can use the Browse option to select the right firmware.The firmware file has a .fwz file extension. By default, the firmware file is stored in one of the following directories:
  • 64-bit systems: C:\Program Files (x86)\Schneider Electric\RemoteConnect\Firmware\...
  • 32-bit systems: C:\Program Files\Schneider Electric\RemoteConnect\Firmware\...

Click next to finish the update process. 

firmware Scadapack