How many licenses are used when CITECT/Plant SCADA is running as a service


23 January 2023

When Plant SCADA is running as a service, the runtime manager will grab the required license from the server machine. Additionally, if the display client is run , it will seek an extra control client license from the server.

CITECT SCADA 2015 and above, Plant SCADA 2020 R2 and above

When Plant SCADA is run as a service, it will be allotted an additional control client to use. This is reflected in the general table of kernel where "Ctrl : Max" shows the number of licenses available .

when remote client is run as a service, it will seek the client license for the system services and as well as the control client license for the service display client from the remote server machine. If an additional control client license is not available in the server, it generates a software protection error. 

In the above scenario, the additional control client license is provided to the client locally. To make use of that, The parameter [Client]UseLocalLicense should be set to '1'. The general table in the kernel dump shows
Ctrl : Max: 1 current :1 for a remote client.