How to add redundant license server in AVEVA Enterprise License Manager


23 January 2023

From Plant SCADA 2023 onwards, software licenses are activated and maintained on a license server which is managed by AEL(AVEVA Enterprise License Manager). Back up license server can be added which can host all the licenses in case of primary license server failure. The procedure of adding back up server is explained in detail in this FAQ.

Plant SCADA 2023 and above versions

1. The backup license server has to be reset if it has any activated licenses prior to pairing.
  • Deactivate all the licenses present on backup license server.
  • In Enterprise License Manager, Click the menu button and select server from the menu. Go to Manage -> Maintenance -> Reset License Server ID.                                                                   
 2. Before adding the back up license server to the primary license server, Configure the License Manager web service to use local admin account instead of local system account in the computer on which primary license server is installed. As the local system account do not have enough security, AEL may not allow you to add another server.

License Manager web service should be logged on as local admin account 

3. Add the backup license server to the primary server : In the Enterprise License Manager, Click on Add server. Enter the computer name on which backup license server is installed. By Default, display name and computer name are the same.
4. Select the tile of primary server page. Click on Manage-> Redundancy.
5. Enable backup and select the backup server from the drop down menu and click Apply.

How to enable backup server

6. When the backup server is added successfully, the redundant pair is shown as a single tile showing both the servers in the pair and also the number of licenses activated on that pair.