What affect would be noticed on reporting of outstation alarms and events? (switching the Alarm/Event Logging severity field, associated with an outstation object on GeoSCADA, to None.)


23 January 2023

Setting Alarm/Event severity to None would effectively disable alarming for this particular outstation. This is not recommended because often outstation alarms are of high importance. It also includes alarms and events related to communication. Setting Alarm/Event Severity to None, will make it hard for you to know whether any of your outstations are having communication alarms and it will also make it harder to troubleshoot.

Also please note that setting this configuration property to None only affects alarms and events from the outstation. It is not going to affect points that are associated with this outstation. If there is an alarm for a particular point, it will come through since the source of the alarm is the point, not the outstation.