How to fix 'Software Protection Failure' error on Citect/Access Anywhere client even with [Client]UseLocalLicense = 1 enabled?


23 January 2023

Citect/Access Anywhere client displays "Software Protection Failure - no key found or no license available from network" error when accessing Citect SCADA/Plant SCADA even with [Client]UseLocalLicense = 1 ini parameter configured in the citect.ini of the Anywhere Server.

Citect Anywhere, Plant Scada Access Anywhere all versions

In order for Access anywhere client to retrieve a Citect/Plant SCADA license that is hosted locally on the Plant SCADA Access Anywhere server, following steps must be configured:
  • Licenses must be activated locally on the Plant SCADA Access Anywhere server
  • [Client]UseLocalLicense = 1 must be configured in the citect.ini on the Anywhere Server
  • Citect/PlantSCADA needs to be running as a Windows Service
  • Citect Anywhere Server service must be running via Services