What are the considerations when configuring Citect/AccessAnywhere server on a different machine than the Plant Scada server?


23 January 2023

By default, Plant SCADA Access Anywhere Server is required to be installed and configured on the computer where Plant SCADA is installed. In some cases, users may need to configure Access Anywhere server on a remote machine rather than on the Plant Scada machine. What are the key points to consider and take a note of for the later scenario.

Citect Anywhere, Plant Scada Access Anywhere all versions

If its required to install Access Anywhere server on a separate machine than the Plant Scada IO Server, following key points are to be noted:
  • The runtime component (at least) must be installed on the CA server machine. (You don't need to install complete studio and other components)
  • The Access Anywhere server's ini file is the default citect.ini file that sits in the config folder 
  • The Launcher (located at \Program Files (x86)\AVEVA Plant SCADA Access Anywhere\Launcher\SE.Scada.AnywhereLauncher.exe.config) is what connects the Access Anywhere clients to the runtime on Access Anywhere server
  • By default, just like any other client, Access Anywhere server connects to the IO Server (defined in the project) to seek licenses. But if there is a need to host licenses locally on Access Anywhere server, below ini parameter is to be enabled in Access Anywhere server's ini file: Client] UseLocalLicense = 1
  • There is no configuration for the Access Anywhere server to connect to the IO server and fetch the runtime files/run the project directly. The project has to be provided to the CA server via deployment, Run/Copy or Backup/Restore options.
  • If there is a need to reflect online changes to the CA server without deploying or restoring the project, Run/copy can be used. After updating and restarting the project on IO server, the CA server will be able to run the updated project reflecting latest changes.