Is it possible to use CtAPI having Windows security configured in PlantScada/Citect?


23 January 2023

Are there any issue using CtAPI having Windows user configured in Citect Scada?
A note in the help file Integrate Windows™ User Groups mentions "CtAPI operations are not supported when using Windows security."
However, the help file Limit Access to Operations specifies that users in Citect.LocalUsers group have access to the CtAPI interface exposed by Citect SCADA client processes.

Citect Scada 2016, 2018 & 2018R2

This has been tested and confirmed that there are no issues using CtAPI with Windows security. It was a discrepancy in help files which has been rectified in the help files for new versions i.e Plant Scada 2020R2 and 2023.