How to configure Multi-pump booster system with single drive ATV600


05 March 2023

A guide to use keypad and Somove to configure single drive controlling multiple pumps as below.
The single VSD will control 1 pump, and the other pumps will be controlled by the relay outputs of the VSD.
Use the keypad to configure the below settings. In the example, we will use the second pump controlled by R2 to stage with speed at 50HZ of the first pump, and de-stage at 40Hz.

[Complete settings] CST ->[Macro Configuration] ->[Application Selection] APPT, set to [Pump Booster Control] Boost, read the warning carefully, and confirm if agree to proceed.
[Complete settings] CST ->[Pump functions] PFT ->[Booster Control] BST menu, in [System architecture] MPQ
Modify the below parameters, in the sample of the video
[Pump System Archi] MPSA, set to [Single Drive] vndol
[Nb Of Pumps] mppn, set to 2
Enter [Pumps configuration] pump,
Modify and assign [Pump 2 Cmd Assign] mpo2 to R2
Go back to [Complete settings] CST ->[Pump functions] PFT -> [Booster Control] BST -> [System architecture] MPQ -> [Pump Cycling Mode] MPPC, set to [LIFO] LIFO mode: pumps are started in ascending order while they
are stopped in descending order

Go to [Complete settings] CST -> [Pump functions] PFT -> [Booster Control] BST menu -> [Booster Control] BSC tab:
[Booster Control] bCm, set to [Yes] yes, confirm in the popup window. If PID needs to configured, please check the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFHYZtQEYV0
In [Stage/Destage Cond.] SDCM, Set [Boost S/D Condition] BSDC to speed, configure in the menu.
Staging occurs if the reference frequency stays above [Booster Stg Speed] bSS for longer than [Booster Stg Delay] bSd. De-staging occurs if the reference frequency stays below [Booster Dstg Speed] bdS for longer than [Booster Dstg Delay] bdd.

The system would run according to our setup. A video below is created to guide the setup using somove.