How do you put a CBUS Dimmer i.e L5508D1A into remote Override Mode?


21 December 2022

All Channels On
All channels Off

Remote control of all channels on a unit can be achieved via the extra pairs of conductors on the C-Bus connector. The diagram below shows switches may be connected in parallel on any one network, using Green and Green/White conductors for the remote ON function. Brown + Brown/White may be wired in the same fashion for remote OFF; with these conductors being connected to C-Bus negative, via the switch to action this state. A Clipsal 30/1/2LM mechanism makes an ideal remote input switch.

Note: C-Bus is a balanced network and therefore at any point where C-Bus negative (-) is taken, C-Bus positive (+) must also be present. Hence, both network conductors must be looped through all remote input switches on the network.