Tesys T LTMR: Why output 3 still triggers after disabling "network port warning enable" in communication loss?


27 February 2023

Logic output O.3 trips on a alarm, we might expect when disabling "network port warning enable" in communication loss, the O.3 should not trip on a communication loss, however, you may find in testing that it still trips.
The reason might be that when we are testing, we simulate comms loss by removing the communication cable, this is the reason that the O.3 still trip even if we disable the network port warning enable" in communication loss menu.
The Warning code 109 is the "network port communication loss warning", we can disable that with the setting as mentioned above. However, if we test the communication loss by removing the cable, warning 555 "Network brick configuration loss warning" would be triggered, And the behavior is also O.3 been triggered, the correct way of testing is not to remove the cable and simply stop the communication.