Acti 9 Smartlink SI D (A9XMWA20) Firmware Upgrade: Can it be done when connected through an Ethernet Router?


12 October 2022

Note: Acti 9 Smartlink SI D (A9XMWA20) has been replaced by Acti9 PowerTag Link (A9XMWD20 & A9XMWD100) which will also be replaced with the latest EcoStruxure Panel Server

The firmware upgrade of Acti 9 Smartlink SI D (or any successor products mentioned above) is recommended to be performed through direct connection to the gateway.

In some instances, the upgrade process can fail if the Smartlink is connected behind an Ethernet Router. Smartlink in boot mode cannot send packet through a router.

This may result the gateway to be in boot/degraded mode permanently. In this case the gateway cannot be recovered and will need a replacement.

You can identify whether gateway in the degraded mode by checking the status LEDs as below.
LED Status1

LED Status2