Can ATV drives accept single phase input (240VAC) to run 3 phase motor 415VAC motor at nominal speed and load ?


12 October 2022

The maximum output voltage of ATV drives are the same as the output voltage of the input voltage.

ATV320 can take maximum 240VAC single phase.
It can accept 240VAC max single phase input, however, it cannot output voltage greater than 240VAC. Therefore, if the voltage is rate 415V in Y connection, it will not be able to reach its full voltage, therefore, the motor would not be able to reach full speed at full load, please consider delta connection.

ATV600 can take maximum 480 VAC Single-phase
We may use transformer on the input of 240VAC single phase input, and boost the voltage to 480VAC single phase and feed to VSD. The drive in this case will be able to reach nominal voltage of the motor, however, this is only for pump application and de-rating is required, please see the above link for detail.

No ATV900 Process drives are approved for single phase supply.  They are designed strictly for 3 phase input power to run a 3 phase motor.