What is the ‘Clip’ used to hold the MN (undervoltage) or MX (shunt) coil in new ComPacT NSX 400-630 range?


15 September 2022

Please see below from the Instruction Sheet (Doc Ref. NNZ4291701) for MN/MX coils in the new ComPacT NSX (Catalogue Doc Ref. LVPED221001EN) range.

MN MX Coil

This a new part / clip in the new ComPacT NSX range breaker frame. Please note that this part does not exist as a spare part.

There wasn’t anything like this in the old Compact NSX (Catalogue Doc Ref. LVPED217032EN) version coils and it has been developed for the new range to improve the installation of the coil and help to fix it in the block and prevent from any movement.

If you have an old Compact NSX frame with new range MN/MX coils, this part is not mandatory.