C-Bus eDLT firmware issues


29 August 2022

We have had a number of reports about issues arising from firmware v1.6.0 on earlier eDLT hardware versions (HW v1 & HW v2)

If you have eDLT hardware version 1 or 2 we highly suggest that you only upgrade the firmware to v1.5.0 if required.

** We do not suggest updating these units to firmware v1.6.0 at this time**
Note: you will receive notifications within the Toolkit software requesting you to update to the current version, please ignore those messages at this time...

If you have hardware version 1 or 2 eDLT's that already have been updated to v1.6.0 firmware we highly recommend downgrading the firmware to 1.5.0 for stability!
This process can be done via the current version of C-Bus Toolkit v1.16.2

C-Bus Toolkit Version 1.16.2 download: https://www.se.com/au/en/download/document/C-Bus_Toolkit_V1.16.2/

If you have eDLT's which are HW v3, these were only released with Firmware v1.6.0 and cannot be downgraded, this hardware version is not affected.
To program these unit's the above-mentioned version of C-Bus Toolkit v1.16.2 is required.

If you require any further assistance, please contact the Technical Support Help Desk on 13 73 28 or email:  techsupport.pz@se.com