How to assign a Static IP, DNS and Gateway to a C-Bus Automation Controller


29 August 2022

Here you will find a step by step VIDEO FAQ on how to assign a Static or Fixed IP, DNS and Gateway settings on the C-Bus Automation Controllers.

This will be the same process for the following products 5500NAC, 5500SHAC, 5500NAC2 and 5500AC2

Quick Overview of the settings page:
  • Path: Configurator → Utility tab → System button → Network tab → Interfaces  
  • Double click on 'eth0' to display the following:
  • Click in each of the required fields to make changes.

Configuration Settings

  • Once you have made you changes, click 'OK' then make sure you click 'APPLY' on the top right of your browser to save the changes.
  • Once the controller has rebooted you will now be able to access it on the newly assigned IP Address