My Wiser Bluetooth device has Schedules set on the device from the Wiser Room app, but when I or someone else connects to the device, we cannot see them in the Wiser by SE app.


06 July 2022

With the move from Wiser Room to Wiser by SE app, there is the addition of ‘Homes’. This is to support cloud based and many new system features. Hence it now requires a different way of having multiple users access a Bluetooth device.
Bluetooth Wiser mechanisms are now linked to a “Home” and device ID that is created when a device is registered and added to a home. Once a mechanism is added to a home those who want access to the device’s schedules and settings will need to be added as a member of the “Home”.
If they are not added as a member to the initial “Home”, simply adding the device to a new home will prevent the already saved schedules from being viewed or adjusted.
To add a new member to the “Home”, tap menu, (top left), then Home Management, then the home name, then Add Member and follow the prompts.