What software is required to commission C-Bus 40 Series Master Mechanisms?


01 August 2022

To program the C-Bus 40 Series Master Mechanisms (5041NMML) you will need to download and install a later version of C-Bus Toolkit.
The C-Bus 40 Series Master Mechanism is a C-Bus device and cannot be programmed using the Wiser App (Iconic). 

C-Bus Toolkit will allow you to scan via a C-Bus PC Interface, Network Interface, Application Controller or Automation Controller the C-Bus Network and find devices on the network including the C-Bus 40 Series Mechanisms. You can then open and configure those devices. 

The latest C-Bus Toolkit can be found from the Schneider Electric Exchange [1]
[1] - https://ecoxpert.se.com/en/spacelogic-c-bus/software-and-firmware#tab/documents