How to configure XUK0ARCTL2 ? Why is green LED blinking when you power on the product for the first time?


28 April 2022

XUK0ARCTL2 is a multimode product. 

When the customer recieves the product, no functioning mode is defined. This is why, the green LED blink when you power on the product for the first time. 

How to configure the product, 
1. Define the functioning mode (place in front of the sensor : a transmitter / a reflector / or the target, according to the sensing mode required). 
2. Power ON the product and then press the teach button > 3sec
3. Release the teach button, the green LED comes fixed ON. 

If unsure about the status of the senor, it is better to reset the sensor before restarting the teach sequence. 
To reset : Power ON the sensor and press the tech button upto 9 seconds as described in the instruction sheet.