How to Enable Historical Diagrams in EcoStruxure Building Operation?


19 May 2022


How do I enable Historical Diagrams in EcoStruxure Building Operation (EBO)



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EcoStruxure Building Operation



EcoStruxure Building Operation



1. First to get to each historical item you need to go to System - Hardware - EcoStruxure Web Service (EWS) and select your EWS Client.


2. Then Right click on the Historical Item and click Host EWS Object.


3. If you want only certain measurements , you can also mutliselect the measurements you want from the list View and right click and Host, like below


Host EWS Objects

4. Once you host the EWS Object you can return to the EWS Client tree below and enable the objects. To bulk enable them, you select all and click on the properties on the right


Bulk Enable of Objects