How do you reset the password of the FlexNet Publisher back to its default?


22 April 2022


The FlexNet Publisher (FNP) is a web interface hosted on the server for configuring licensing components for various Schneider software products ranges. For example EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert and

EcoStruxure Power SCADA Operation. The URL to access this is https://localhost:8090 and the service is called "lmadminSchneider".


The default user name and password for FlexNet Publisher (FNP) is admin/admin.


Occasionally for security purposes a customer will change the password to something else. This means the default admin/admin combination will no longer work.



FlexNet Publisher



The default password has been changed (admin is the default password).



*Warning: Take backups of any files prior to modifying them. Ensure the backups are in a location that will not be overwritten (i.e. the Desktop). 


Following the procedure below, the password of the FlexNet Publisher can be reset to its default: "admin" (without the quotation mark).

1. Navigate to: C:\ProgramData\Schneider Electric\Floating License Manager\FLEXnet Publisher License Server Manager\conf


2. Open the 'server.xml' in Notepad or any suitable XML editor.


3.Search for: lastName="Administrator"


4. Replace the contents of the password field as shown below: id="admin" lastName="Administrator" password="(ENC-01)AxlKxBaCLbp4iPFsjJ6eOFtE+qoJWH8ThHIKN9DgdEgILS9j" passwordExpired="false"


For example if you want to change the password back to admin, here is what the line would look like:

id="admin" lastName="Administrator" password="admin" passwordExpired="false"


5. Restart the "lmadminSchneider" service from 'Services'.


6. Login to the Flexnet Publisher by navigating to https://localhost:8090 and clicking on 'Administration'. Use the following credentials to sign in if the password was changed to "admin" on step 4:

Username: admin

password: admin