What is the replacement for E series Trio data radios?


28 February 2022


The E series Trio data radio is obsolete. What is the replacement?


The replacement for the E series is the Q series Trio data radio.

Q can communicate using legacy E and M modulation (pre Q series, E series was our most advanced and fastest). Q can be put into E mode to talk to legacy. This lets customers upgrade their radio network in sections. In M modulation, (used on the M series), speeds of 96bps on 25khz can be achieved. This is faster than E, but is also an older technology. Q radios can achieve 120kbps in a 25Hz channel.

The new Q series uses Token Grant Channel Management(TGCM ). By using TGCM, there are no data collisions, so it is more efficient. The transmission is half duplex only.

How does TGCM work? The master radio manages the token. During each period, the remote radios request a token. The manager gives a token (one at a time). Once the remote has the token, it can transmit data. So, only one radio will transmit at a time.
The old technology was Carrier Sense Multiple Access (CSMA) . It is not as good as the token system. CSMA is a network protocol that listens to or senses network signals on the carrier/medium before transmitting any data.

in TGCM, you need to have one radio as manager. All the other radios are remotes or repeaters. Repeaters must be configured in ip routing mode.

Our recommendation for installations is to use TGCM going forwards.

More information on the Q series can be found here .

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