How do I access data that will be logged in a Harmony HMI (Programmed with Vijeo Designer)?


28 October 2021

There are 2 options to access the logged data. If the HMI has a USB drive port, then the data can be saved on a USB by selecting SRAM and file in the variable storage tab of the Logging group settings. The files will be stored as a .DAT which can be manually copied from the USB and converted to a .CSV file.

The other option is to use the Vijeo designer Data Manager which is included as a separate setup file in the Vijeo designer install folder. Vijeo designer is not required to use this.

To set up the HMI to allow Data Manager to connect, security settings need to be enabled in Vijeo designer. Set Data Manager Security to either “Use Security” or “Anonymous”.

Download the project to the HMI and when prompted, select “Delete all run-time data”. This is a required step in order to change the security settings of the HMI. Note, this will delete all existing logged data as well as all Target settings in the HMI, so it is best to download this when first commissioning the HMI.

The Data Manager tool can now be used to extract the logged data from the HMI.