I cannot connect to my SCADAPack E series RTU


08 October 2021

I am working with a Factory Sealed SCADAPack 334E or 535E RTU. I cannot read/write a configuration to it via USB with the E Configurator. The error reads:
"Request: Config File Read Request DNP Status: Function code not supported (IIN bits set)"
What does this error mean?

Applies to: SCADAPack E series RTUs

All new devices comes with the latest firmware with cyber security feature.
You will need to use the latest SCADAPack E configurator v 8.18 and unlock the device first. 

Could you please:
- Download the link below and install the latest SCADAPack E configurator software.
V8.18 is available at the Schneider Electric Exchange:

- Follow the security feature instructions below;
•    with the latest system firmware, firstly you’ll need to install the latest E-series configurator on a machine and read the unit by hitting “Current Page refresh” 
•    you’ll be asked for a security lock request upon page refresh. 
•    Select “Device does not require a password” and hit OK, or enter a password and note it carefully.
1 Security lock - Device does not require a password.jpg

•    Below message will pop up if “Device does not require a password” option is selected. And Hit OK.
2. Security lock - Device does not require a password OK.jpg

We'd recommend to upgrade the unit FW to the latest version.

There is some general information here;

For further information, please refer below for a link to a video that runs you through the issue and how you can disable the security feature.

There are also a couple of other links that may be useful to you.

Please refer to the link below to videos which step you through the details on what you should expect to see on first connecting as well as instructions to either enabling or disabling these security features. 
-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pyHST6SJK8&list=PLa7UGrWOTyjmApkczqj3F9FQMgb0BaPjS&index=6&t=0s

For your information, a comprehensive list of software and video support can be found at the following link:
-> https://schneider-electric.app.box.com/s/izfcbrn2ezg0edmghh9628iiw50i7lmi