How do I access Proface panel GP-4502WW in GP-Pro EX version 4?


30 September 2021

The user manual for GP-Pro EX describes the following:
You could be using GP-Pro EX software version 4.09 and still GP-4502WW model may not be available/displayed as an option.

In that case, please run the following patch to enable the GP4000E model.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro-face\GP-Pro EX 4.09\OP\YTSetup.exe

It is a hidden property file. Please change the explorer view setting if you cannot find it. The folder path is a default one for x64 Windows. It may be different depending on the used OS or specified path at GP-Pro EX installation. The model is supported from Version 4.04 onwards. The patch is not included in lower versions of GP-Pro EX.