What Citect driver can establish communications with a DH+ network through Ethernet connection?


03 October 2021

This is not a supported situation and therefore there are currently no drivers that can be successfully used. However, there are some suggestions about how to change your system to be compatible and supported within Citect.


  • Citect SCADA/AVEVA Plant SCADA
  • DH+ network using ethernet connection
  • Connected IO devices
  • Lack of connection using Citect drivers
This setup is not supported by Citect and it's drivers. However, there are changes that can be made to ensure that it is able to be integrated with Citect in a functional way.

The first option would be to move the system away from ethernet and onto an entirely DH+ system. Depending on which IO devices are being used, there would then be numerous options for drivers to establish communications across the system.

The second option would be to include a gateway such as RSLinx to facilitate communications. Again, there will be several compatible drivers to choose from.

For specific questions about modifying your system or using this set up, please contact the Citect Support agents who can assist.