Can the Citect "Pulse" function be used with super genies?


01 October 2021

When using the Pulse() function with super genies, you may find that errors and failures are shown. The reason for this is discussed below.


  • Citect SCADA/AVEVA Plant SCADA 8.3 and below
  • Error when using Pulse() function with super genie associations

The pulse function cannot be used with super genie associations. The reason for this is that the Pulse label does a "arg = arg" conversion and the compiler doesn't support association resolution in that situation. However, its underlying function Pulser() can be used instead, as it meets the requirements for super genie associations. An example of its use has been outlined below:

  1. Add a button_base genie from the sa_controls_common library on your faceplate and configure the "Click Command" to: Pulser(?__EquipmentName?.YourDigital, "", VarToArrayIndex(?__EquipmentName?.YourDigital))
  2. Add a button_label_12 genie over the button and give it an appropriate label. Link the label's background AN genie parameter to the AN of the rectangle object in the button named "Background".

This issue has been discussed on AVEVA community forums before and these can be found in the following link.