Can I control (Open/Close) a breaker from FDM128 display, if I log in to the display as 'Operator' ?


18 January 2022

Example scenario: 
Customer has an MTZ2 connected to FDM128. They want to open/close the breaker from the FDM128, but this is only possible using the 'Administrator' login, not the 'Operator' login.
What is customer doing incorrectly here? Should the customer be able to open/close via operator screen?

Please see the below details from the
FDM128 User Guide (DOCA0037EN).

The 'Operator' login DOES NOT have enough access to control the breaker and only ‘Administrator’ login has the access to control (open/close) the breaker.

These roles and each function assigned for roles CANNOT be configured in FDM128 and they have fixed definitions as shown in the user guide.