What does CITECT DNPr driver error 23 (0x0017) mean and how can I fix it?


30 September 2021

The Citect DNPr driver has specific error codes that can show in log files when something is amiss. The error code 23 (0x0017) relates to a communications error which can be easily rectified. 

  • Citect DNPr Driver version 4.03.14 or earlier
  • Citect SCADA 7.5 or earlier

  • "Errdriver = 23 (0x00000017)" appearing in logs
  • Loss/lessened communications observed to IO devices using DNPr driver
  • No response being received from IO devices whilst using DNPr driver, despite IO devices functioning correctly

Citect 7.5 is configured to attempt to automatically turn on "Unsolicited Response" in all connected IO device, which is causing the issue whilst polling the device. Setting the below INI parameter will rectify this by turning off unsolicited response by default.

[DNPR]AutoUnsolicitedEnableDefault = 0