How do I ensure that all my logic is brought forward when upgrading the version of RemoteConnect?


28 October 2021

Summary: I upgraded my project to a newer version of RemoteConnect. I was careful to save it, but some of the latest logic changes are missing. How can I ensure all the logic comes forward?

Product versions: V2.3.2, V2.4.1, V2.5.1

Solution: The short answer is: do an Update and Build (and Save) in RemoteConnect, then immediately bring the project forward. If RemoteConnect is unable to build, then the changes will be lost.

The Logic Editor uses two files, the STU project file, and the STA. Normally, the SCADAPack x70 Logic Editor loads the STU file. But when you upgrade to a new version of the SCADAPack x70 Logic Editor, a different file, the STA, is used. This is because the STU is version specific, while the STA file is a version independent logic archive. The STA is generated when the logic is built.

To upgrade, you will need to be sure the STA file gets updated after you've finished editing your logic project. This will happen when you do an Update and Build in RemoteConnect. The STA is updated. All the latest changes are kept.

When you save, only the STU and AUTOSTA files are updated. If upgrading, the STA is not updated and changes are lost. If you are not upgrading, the changes are saved as the STU is used. 

Before upgrading, we'd recommend that you:
- do an Update and Build in RemoteConnect, plus a Save
- use the latest version of RemoteConnect

Only if you cannot build the project, as a last option, you could also save the project and rename the AUTOSTA. For example rename this MyProject.sta, then open the project in the new version of RemoteConnect.