Are there any default IP addresses for SM_CPU866e to start working?


30 September 2021

Yes , There are default IP addressses.

When "/mnt/flash/netConfig.xml" file is not present, the device ETH2 is assigned a default IP address ( and netmask (FF000000). And default user is “admin” and password “12345678”.

Only for Linux version Lnx_15. or later:

If DIP-SWITCH-10 (located on the rear side of the CPU) is ON and the CPU is rebooted, the existing netConfig.xml file is renamed old_netConfig.xml and the existing userLogin.xml file is renamed old_userLogin.xml, the renamed files are then not used instead the following IP addresses are assigned:

ETH 1: (mask:
ETH 2: (mask:
ETH 3: (mask:
ETH 4: (mask:

And default user is “admin” and password “12345678”.