How can I get Device Information from a SCADAPack into GeoSCADA?


30 September 2021

Device Information  can be read into Geo SCADA using the feature "Device Attributes" at startup. This is more efficient than using String Points, as the data is read once and not polled continuously.
RemoteConnect has System Data such as Device Information (SYS_DEVICE), Capacity Statistics (SYS_CAPACITY), System Clock (SYS_CLOCK) available which can be viewed in RemoteConnect in an online object browser. Items that are UINT, DINT can be read into Geo SCADA. But RemoteConnect R2.5.1 (released 01/2021) does not support String Points, so Device Information can't be read this way for now. A future release is expected to have this enhancement; check the Release Notes.

Because x70 (or SPE) are level 4 DNP3 devices, they support a feature called "Device Attributes". In Geo SCADA (ClearSCADA) there is a drop down menu "Read Device Attributes". Select "When Starting Comms" to collect the Device Information at start-up. This is a much more efficient way to get the data than using string points, because they are polled on start-up and do not come back in every string poll.

How to get system data from RC into GS.jfif

When DNP3 "Read Device Attributes" on start up is selected, then certain attributes can be retrieved via Geo SCADA such as firmware version, serial number, device type, manufacturer. You cannot get bootloader information though. You can use OPC tags to place it in a mimic. 

string data in GeoSCADA.jfif

string data on a mimic2.jpg

RemoteConnect Logic Editor:
In Logic a user can use the system function blocks. In particular PRJ_Vers. This shows build numbers and project name.

project version in logic editor.jpg