How to customize Alarm Pages in Citect Scada Situational Awareness projects


30 September 2021


In Citect Scada projects, the Alarm pages have a default display. If a customer wants to change that display or create a customized format for the Alarm pages, he can specify few ini parameters to achieve this.
Citect Scada 2018
Citect Scada 2018 R2


The screen display format for Active alarm page, Alarm Summary page and SOE page can be defined by specifying required format under Setup > Alarming > Add an Alarm Category > Format Properties. Please refer to the help file for more details.

Alternatively, the display columns on Active Alarm page and SOE page in SA projects can be customized by setting [Format]Alarm and [Format]SOE ini parameters specifying the desired columns to display as shown in the screenshot below: