Can I use a cal file of N27 or lower for N38 or vice versa?


17 December 2020

Cal file contains data which defines switchgear type, ratings, etc,..

Controller needs to know the switchgear type and ratings (voltage and interruption currents)  to have adequate voltage when charging trip/close capacitors.

N38 needs more trip/close energy than N27 and lower. 16kA mechanism needs more power to be driven than 12.5kA one.

Eg. A N38 switchgear with N27 data in its SCEM may results in the N38 mechanism not being closed or tripped properly. Similar for the other way round and for interrupting currents. Therefore, this must be avoided. In urgent situations, you may use cal file one N series for another N series as a temporary solution. However the two units must be of the same voltage voltage and interrupting current ratings (38KV, or 27KV and lower, 12 KA or 16kA)