What are the Modbus addresses in ADVC controller?


17 December 2020

Modbus addresses in ADVC controller are detailed in the Modbus protocol map found in the Modbus Communication page. The Modbus addresses in ADVC controller are categorized as four types:


Binary Output, this is equivalent to Coils

Binary Inputs, equivalent to Discrete Inputs

Analog Inputs, equivalent to Input Registers

Analog Outputs, equivalent to Holding Registers


On many Modbus devices, the Modbus addresses are numbered like this


• The coils are numbered from 00001 onward

• The input bits are numbered from 10001 onward

• The input registers are numbered from 30001 onward

• The holding registers are numbered from 40001 onward


However, on the ADVC mapping table, the addresses shown are the offset values only. Eg, If you want to read the "Switchgear Open" from the below Binary Input table (point number zero), you will need to use function code 02 (Read Discrete Input) to read the address 10001 (which is 10001+ 0)