Are General Duty Safety Switches suitable for use as service equipment?


29 September 2021

Product design features

Product Line:
General Duty Safety Switches


Most General Duty Switches are suitable for use as service equipment when equipped with a factory or field-installed neutral assembly or a field-installed service grounding kit.
1) The following General Duty Safety Switches DO NOT have solid neutral assemblies that can be used in the switch. DU321, DU321RB, DU322, DU322RB and DU325. If a neutral is required consider using a Heavy Duty Switch.
2) If the switch is older and already installed, CHECK the wiring diagram to see if it shows a solid neutral assembly or service/equipment ground kit part number. If NOT, then it doesn't allow or have a solid neutral or ground kit that can be installed.
3) For Heavy Duty Safety Switches, see FA91974.  
4) For Double Throw Safety Switches, see FA87564