What are the catalog numbers, and where is technical information, for the Masterpact NT/NW Circuit Breakers and Micrologic trip units?


28 September 2021

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers:

Applies to Masterpact NW and NT Circuit Breakers, and their respective trip units

Some popular documents for Masterpact NW and NT breakers are the following:
0613CT0001     Technical Catalog for Masterpact NT and NW
0613PL0001      Parts List for Masterpact NT and NW (includes catalog numbers for many accessory kits)
48049-330-03   Instruction manual for the x.0H Harmonic trip units 
48049-137-05   Instruction manual for the x.0P Power trip units
48049-136-05   Instruction manual on the x.0A Ammeter trip units
48049-207-05   Instruction manual for the x.0 Standard Trip Units

These documents, along with many others, can be found on the Schneider Electric website in the Download Center:  https://www.schneider-electric.us/en/download/