What is the measurement accuracy of the Micrologic 5.0P, 6.0P, 7.0P, 5.0H, 6.0H, and 7.0H trip units (including the sensors)?


26 May 2022

Product Line
Circuit Breakers

Voltage (V): 0.5%
Current (A): 1.5%, higher accuracy (1%) can be achieved with special calibration on the current transformer (CT characterization option)
Frequency (Hz): 0.1 Hz
Power (W) and Energy (Wh): 2.0%, 1.5% if CT characterization is used

Note: The accuracy of the current measurements depends on both the value displayed (or transmitted) and the circuit breaker rating, where: Accuracy = 0.5% In + 1.5% reading
  • Example: For a circuit breaker with a 4000 A rating and a current displayed on Micrologic of 49 A, the accuracy is: 0.5 % x 4000 + 1.5 % x 49 = ±21 A