Wonderware Not able to activate the license offline after processing the recv file


01 March 2021

Applies To: Any Wonderware Product using License Manager
Summary: Unable to activate license offline after processing the recv file and not able to run with demo license.

1. Request AVEVA to get the license server to be removed from the FNE Server
2. Cancel all the pending activation.
3. Back up and Delete the files from C:\ProgramData\Schneider Electric\Licensing\BackEndModule1
4. Back up and Delete the LicenseManagerData.db from C:\ProgramData\Schneider Electric\Licensing\License Manager\Data and replace with the clean db file from C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\ArchestrA\Licensing Framework\License Manager
5. Reset the license server ID and activate the license again

Please ensure the files are unblocked each time when it is copied or downloaded (for both send and recv files).