CITECT SCADA - How to re-order Equipment Tree on Alarm Page in a Multi-Cluster Scenario


30 September 2021

Applies To: Citect SCADA 2018 R1

Summary:  On what criteria is the equipment tree ordered in runtime? Is there any way to sort the order?

Solution:  The equipment tree is alphabetically ordered by default. And if it is a multi cluster scenario, it is first ordered alphabetically by Equipment Name and then Cluster.

For instance, if a project has two clusters, C1 and C2, and the equipment-cluster assignment as follows:

A1 - cluster C2
A2 - cluster C1
B1 - cluster C1

Then the sort order on runtime will be; A2, A1, B1

Currently, the equipment tree is internally sorted and there is no control of the sort order as a user.

An enhancement request has been raised with the development team (Ref # 66361) to allow for sorting the equipment tree based on user defined criteria or in alphabetical order (based on equipment name only instead of cluster name).